Riché Verde

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About Riché Verde:

Riché Verde is one of the most unique and special wines on the market today. This limited edition wine is truly a labor of love. A year and a half ago the owner of Riché, Dylan Steeves, decided he wanted to create a wine that had the healing and relaxing benefits of CBD. However, after discovering that pure organic CBD was hard to come by he took it upon himself to cultivate, harvest and extract 5,400 CBD hemp plants of his own to ensure the highest quality product.

In this elegant and stylish bottle is 30mg (about 5 daily servings) of 100% organic pure non-psycho active (meaning zero THC) isolated CBD. CBD is quickly gaining popularity worldwide as being one of the most powerful and natural anti-inflammatories/ pain reducers available to date. Not to mention, an incredible catalyst for a great night’s sleep. With Riché Verde, you can finally have your cake and eat it too!

The Description:

But what about the wine? Despite the wonderful effects of CBD, no bottle of Riché would be complete without a great tasting and unique pallet. In this bottle is a beautiful 2016 Paso Robles,100% steel barrel aged Petite Sirah. This young and zippy wine expresses notes of wild cherry, dark plum, and sweet vanilla with the perfect amount of tannic structure to ensure a long shelf life, this wine will truly get better with age.