Many of you are familiar with the tale of King Midas' cursed golden touch.

However, perhaps you’re not as familiar with the story of Midas’ crusade, in which his men scoured the countryside in search of the one drink that could satisfy the great king’s unquenchable palate.

For months, Midas’ men searched the lands for a drink impervious to his cursed golden touch. Due to this predicament, he was unable to imbibe the delicious wines he once loved. But his wishes were finally granted, when his men stumbled upon the fort of Riché. It was Riché’s unique construction that made it possible for Midas to sip the nectar of the gods once more. Comprised of real gold leaf, Riché wine was the only match for the golden king’s curse.

Thousands of years later and halfway across the world comes the reincarnation of the fabled king's wine. With the same composition of gold leaf and craftsmanship, comes the new, California born, bottle of Riché. Proving yet again, whether from the history books of ancient Greece or the text messages of the modern man, Riché wine continues to set the gold standard.